Contest Fun Time

It’s been a busy couple of weeks! This last few days especially so… Between appointments and chasing kids, theatre rehearsals (I will be playing the evil Miss Andrews in the local musical production if Mary Poppins), and getting the camper ready for the lake season… I have had to sneak time in to work on drawing some more illustrations for my picture book, send a short story to the editor and beta readers, update and edit an older story for a contest submission, and then finish a brand new short story. Whew!

I also, just today, I managed to find daycare for both the kids so I could go and be an extra on the set of a TV show filming in Winnipeg. It was a great opportunity, so I squeezed it in. Haha. Thats what I do. Squeeze everything in and make it all work somehow.

Just like all the other busy moms do out there. Cheers ladies!

I have had a few nearly sleepless nights thats for sure. Bleary eyed ol’ me has been running on fumes. But it will all be worth it one way or another. Even if I don’t win any of these contests, it still spurred me on to create new stories and be creative. I love that fact no matter what.

The stories I submitted were to the Eden Mills Writers Festival contest, and the Literary Taxidermy contest.

I have one more story yet to be submitted to two different contests by June 11th, so now I am hunkered down to focus on that any spare moment I get.

If I happen, by some miracle, to win anything in these contests or even get an honorable mention, I will be letting everyone know, that’s for sure.

Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

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