Final Editing – The Big Ol’ Bike

So for a while now I have been working on writing a chapter book for youth, targeting ages 6-9. The working title is “The Big Ol’ Bike”.

While I tend to write lots of sci-fi, fantasy, and darker/grittier stories, I have a real soft spot for childrens literature. So I am going ahead and indulging in both. Why not? The story I am highlighting in this post is just one of the many ideas I have set in motion for the kiddos.

Having said that, I can proudly say I am finally nearing the end of the editing stage on my first children’s chapter book! I’ve been working on it intermittently over time, as I am also working on a few other projects. I’ve had an amazing editor – Heather Lander – work on it with me thus far. I am so very thankful for her skilled assistance.

It feels great to be getting closer to the point where I can try to publish. I am hoping I can find a perfect home for it upcoming, with a great publishing house.

My little heart will be so excited if this book is well received. I really want kids to enjoy it. And, I can’t wait until my kids are old enough that I can read it to them.

I would love nothing more than to turn this into a series in the future… as I think there are so many more adventures out there for Oliver and his friends to experience. I would adore that! But we shall see… Only time will tell. I have to get the darn thing finished and out there first. 😉

To tell you a bit more about it… This book is a fun and adventurous story about a small-statured kid named Oliver that gets an old bike for his birthday. But what makes it so special is that it belonged to his grandfather. This bike is big. If you have ever seen a little kid struggling to ride a huge bike, then you can envision Oliver’s plight. But he loves it and commits to learning to ride it.

There are challenges and adventures, and even a harrowing moment along Oliver’s journey in this tale. You will really get to know this awesome little boy, and I hope he will snag a piece if your heart. In the end he will definitely grow to become a better person, having learned so much. Maybe a few others around him will grow a bit too.

I am so excited to share this journey with everyone! I will be sure to give more updates as I go along.

Stay tuned folks. 💓

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