Longlist Finalist!

As I have been toiling away writing a historical fiction story (set in 1940 Poland) for a competition I entered called the Writers Games… Something excellent rolled into my inbox this morning.

I didn’t win… But out of over 500 entrants, my short story L.A.M.E. was long listed! This is an achievement in and of itself. And my author bio was published on the website too. Suffice it to say, I am pretty pumped. So, I just had to share the good news. And what better place than here?

You can read about the contest, and check out my author bio at the link listed below.


This little story is one I will hopefully share here in the future, as I will be sprucing it up and then sending it out to other submission opportunities. So stay tuned!

I have even considered turning the premise of this short story into a novel or novella. Adding to that, a fellow author I know read it for me a while back and even suggested it would make a great graphic novel, so who knows! We will see where it goes from here. Haha.

I’ll be sure to update everyone as this little stories journey heads towards it’s ultimate publication goal. 😊 Thanks for the support everyone!

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