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Writers Games – Overall 4th Place Winner!

A couple months ago, I joined up to participate and compete in a five week long challenge called the Writers Games, put on by The Writers Workout. What a great and challenging event that turned out to be.

Each weekend a new challenge was released, and competitors had three days to brainstorm, write, and edit (without any outside help) a short story based on specific prompted guidelines. The formatting and criteria were strict, and it sure kept me on my toes. What an exercise in sustained creativity. By the end of the five weeks (well, six if you count the practice event) my brain was spent.

But, the great news is… It was so worth it. I received helpful feedback on every piece I submitted. And regardless of the outcome, I had completed works that I could polish and submit for publication down the line. I loved it, and I will definitely be doing it again.

Now for the really awesome news… Three of my submissions made it into the top five for three of the competition weeks (placing 1st, 2nd, and 5th). Because I placed, those three stories will all be published in the print anthology! What an amazing prize… And a big boost of confidence for me, as a writer. How great is that!

But that’s not all… Once the smoke cleared and the pens stopped writing, at the end of it all, they announced the top 10 overall winners. The winners are determined based on cumulative points earned for all five stories combined. And I am proud as punch to announce that out of hundreds of competitors, I placed 4th overall.

Fourth place overall!

As you can tell, I am pretty excited. And I really can’t wait to share the Anthology information with you once it is released. I am very proud of my stories and look forward to showing them to my supportive readers and getting even more feedback.

An interesting side note… My fifth placing story, I actually wrote through a monstrous blizzard that took my power out for 3 days. It also broke our tree, which then crushed our vehicle. It was insane, and I really feared I wouldn’t get my story done on time. Thankfully, my power came back on with hours to spare. I have never typed so furiously in my life. The entire story was handwritten by lamplight once the kids were in bed, so I had to write and edit on the fly. But I managed to get it done, and submitted with 6 minutes to spare. Whew! It was a test and a half.

So without further adieu, my short stories that will be published are:

– Pinching Pennies (1st place)

– After Burning: A Memoir (2nd place)

– Riding After Red (5th place)

So please stay tuned for the official announcement of the Writers Workout Anthology publication. I will also share the link where to find it. 😊

Thanks for reading folks! And, happy writing to you!

Rachael Clarke. 2019-10-26

2 thoughts on “Writers Games – Overall 4th Place Winner!”

  1. Super news Rachael!!
    Congratulations on all accounts! Wow! Totally awesome.
    I will take the time to go through to see if I can find the stories and read them. I am so proud of you Rachael!
    So sorry to hear about the storm and the damage to your vehicle. 😦
    Take care and we’ll be in touch soon!


    1. Thank you so much Angie! So nice to hear, and I hope you are well. 😊 The anthology that these three stories will be published in isn’t released quite yet. But I will definitely provide an update as soon as it is!


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