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Publication Alert – 72 Hours of Insanity!

Exciting news! As promised in my previous blog post, the anthology of the portion 2 Writers Games (by Writers Workout) is finally out! As the 4th place overall winner, I have three short stories published in this amazing anthology. They are all wildly different in style, and each one stretched me as a writer. I love my little word babies – each in different ways.

Inside the anthology you will find many amazing stories written by some pretty talented authors. I know and can say that, because I share a writing group with a handful of them… I can’t help but feel proud to be included in the same category.

All the stories in this book placed in the top five of all the registered competitors within each challenge category. And there were some pretty fun challenges! It’s all explained in the book, so you can enjoy seeing the different takes on the prompts too.

Grab a copy today! It’s affordable and I guarantee you will be entertained. My stories within the book are as follows:

1) Pinching Pennies (1st place) – a time-sensitive comedy of gastronomical proportions.

2) After Burning: A Memoir (2nd place) – this is a fictional memoir (but it is loosely inspired by my own experiences).

3) Riding After Red (5th place) – a fantastical underdog tale.

I hope you’ll check it out and don’t be a stranger. Let me know what you think! I want to hear from you, and I really hope you enjoy my work. You can find the links to buy below.

Available in paperback here:

Psst… Alternatively, you can also find it on ebook if you prefer to read on your device. It is also available for purchase through Just saying. 😉

Thanks so much for reading everyone! Take care and stay warm! The days are starting to get longer… Warmer days are ahead.

Rachael Clarke, 2020-01-14

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