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It’s 2020 and a whole new year of possibilities and publications await my furiously typing fingers, and yours too! We just have to keep finishing and polishing our pieces. Then we cast them out into the world, like they’re baited hooks on the line. Sooner or later a fish is bound to bite, right?

Well, recently a fish bit my line of mine.

A huge thank you to Sirens Call Publications for accepting three pieces of mine for issue# 50. That’s right, not one or two, but three! It is very exciting. 😊

LITTLE BOY – A dark narrative poem exposing a truth behind the mask.

REWIND – A dark fiction tale with a supernatural twist, first printed by Writers Weekly (2nd place winning entry).

BRIDGES BURNED – A horror story that will make you least of opening your mail.

As most of you know I dabble with my genres, writing a little bit of a lot. So, if horror or dark fiction is not your style, that’s okay. I’m not offended if you scroll past, but just know there ARE less horror-ish things upcoming. So, make sure to pop back in. ☺

Soon, a time will come where my adult writings will be separated from my youth/children writings (just to keep things clear). Not quite yet, but whenever that happens, you’ll be the first to know.

Now, with that said… Drum roll please!

Click the link below to read:

Read for free folks, and enjoy! OH, and please do let me know what you think of my stories. I always love hearing feedback. It helps me continue learning and growing in my craft.

Take care for now friends. Try to maintain your sanity while cooped up at home (more time for reading at least), and stay germ-free. Focus on writing if you can, or simply soak up all the quality family time. Until next time…

Rachael Clarke – 2020-04-06

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