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Hello to all of my fellow authors and readers following my journey toward publication, and well, just writing in general. I have a very exciting announcement to make.


Check it out at:

That’s right, you heard it folks. It’s a bittersweet move in a way, as I love my WordPress website, but my less-than-adept page designing skills have made it a challenge to do what I want. So while I will be keeping this website… It will simply be repurposed over time to fill other writing capacities in the near future.

I invite you to take two minutes out of your day to peek at my NEW website. I hope you’ll subscribe to follow me there as well. I’m very appreciative to everyone for enjoying my work and following me to this point, and I hope that will continue. 😊❤

Now, in case you were curious about what will be happening to this website…

It will slowly be transitioned into a page for all my short fiction publications and any other strictly adult content (novels/novellas) under a NEW Pseudonym R.A. Clarke. This will help keep my children’s literature more separate (and less confusing for that audience), which makes sense in the long run.

Another new leap of faith I am taking is to submit my picture book ‘Keep Mommy Safe’ to traditional publishers. This is very exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time! My original plan was to self-publish this story, but I decided to give the traditional publishing route an honest go and put my work out into the world. I have researched a handful of amazing publishers to submit my picture book to, and I am praying one of them will see the potential of my concept and vision, and in me as a writer. I’m raring to go! Should it work out, I will be over-the-moon excited. Cross your fingers and your toes for me.

My blog will remain active here, and I’ll still be posting periodic updates, news or links to any newly released short story publications – so please don’t unsubscribe. But I do hope you’ll follow me at my website/blog as well, especially if your interested in my children’s writing (picture book, chapter book, work-in-progress YA fantasy novel) or illustration content.

Thanks again!! Stay tuned for updates on my publisher submission/querying status. Hopefully some good news might be coming around the corner!

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