Author and illustrator Rachael Clarke grew up in Brandon, Manitoba, but always felt like a country girl at heart. A lover of nature and animals, and all things creative, she grew up writing poetry and drawing everything she cared about in the world around her. In her youth, she published a few poems and stories, and often created custom drawings for family and friends. She travelled to Central America after high school which provided life-changing experiences that helped shape her future, while simultaneously creating a passion for helping people. That passion would eventually lead her to become a police officer. She spent 9 years serving her country and the general public as a constable in both the RCMP and Weyburn Police Service, before Rachael began to struggle with PTSD as a result of her employment. She made the difficult decision to retire from policing at that time, but remains very proud of her achievements.

Looking onward and upward, Rachael focused on growing her little family. She is now a stay-at-home mom living in south-central Manitoba with her husband, two beautiful children, and a couple of crazy dogs. When she isn’t chasing kids around, she is busy coming up with new ideas for stories, acting in local theatre, creating art/illustrations, or taking classes to improve her craft. Living each day to the fullest and taking the time to appreciate the little things are two concepts she strongly believes in. Rachael also remains a steadfast advocate and supporter for mental health awareness in first responders.

Rachael writes a lot of short stories, entering contests and submitting to magazines for fun. Her greatest interest lies with writing YA and/or adult novels going forward. To that end, she is currently working on her first fantasy novel of a possible series. She is also focused on creating (writing and illustrating) the many children’s stories she’s got rolling around in her brain.

Check out the Current Projects page to learn more about what she’s got in the works.