Current Projects

KEEP MOMMY SAFE – A picture book for children ages 3-8. 2019-04-06

I am excited to be working on my very first children’s picture book! This is a sweet story written in rhyme from a child’s perspective, about a young boy who’s mother is a police officer. He misses her whenever she is away at work. His father worries sometimes, so together they find a special way to cope.

I just can’t wait to share this story with the world. I firmly believe there is a place for it, as it covers concepts and emotions that are a reality for policing families. I hope to engage children with bright illustrations, and also open up important opportunities for conversations. But it’s not just for the police-related population. The heart of this simple story revolves around a boy who is very proud of his mommy, and about how much he loves her… and that is something universal for all families.

This book will be written and illustrated by myself. Gulp! I know, it sounds like a challenge for a mom of two busy young boys. But, it is rewarding for me, since creating and publishing my writing has been a lifelong dream. I am planning to self-publish this book, but that could change.

I am also proud to say I will be donating a percentage of all book sale proceeds to the CCISF (Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation), an amazing charitable organization who works hard to assist first responders and their families through traumas. Donations from my book sale earnings will go toward funding their C.A.M.P. Faces programs. You can check it out at:

I have also written follow-up versions of this same story geared toward military and firefighter moms… So, those could be coming down the pipe if this book has a positive response. Feel free to leave a comment if this is something you’d like to see happen.

An illustration for the book.

Stay tuned and follow my blog for progress updates, exciting news, and sneak peaks as I go along. Your support means the world to me.

THE BIG OL’ BIKE. Oliver’s AdventuresBook One. A chapter book series for children ages 7-9. 2019-05-30

I am pumped to be working on writing chapter books for younger kids. This age range is so exciting to explore, as these young minds are progressing in their reading ability and are hungry for a good story that grabs their attention. Something like this could also be a great option for reluctant readers.

This story is about a young boy who has been a smaller kid his whole life, and now even his bike is too small. Oliver gets an amazing birthday gift from his parents… A very special bike that his grandfather used to ride when he was a youngster. It is a big ol’ bike and he loves it! But, not everybody thinks the same way. Whether he is facing adversity or jumping into heart-pounding action, Join Oliver in his journey to learn that great people can come from small beginnings.

I just finished the first draft, and I am busy creating more ideas. First and foremost I want Oliver and his friends to be lovable characters that kids can connect with, and will want to follow along in their adventures. My goal is to finish a couple more books before submitting to publishers as a series. Crossing my fingers!

March 2020 – I am now in the final editing phase of this chapter book!

Follow my blog for progress updates, exciting news, and sneak peaks as I go along.

The Bellflower (working title) – a fantasy novel/series

It all started with a short story I wrote for a competition. The idea that flowed from that initial prompt just grabbed me and didn’t let go. I had good feedback about the story and its originality, so I figured… Why not work on it more, develop the world and its inhabitants, and see where it leads? So that’s exactly what I am doing.

This is a coming of age tale that follows the experiences and trials of a bright young woman named Sunaya. She has just been named the Queen of her tribe. Her people face a dangerous and terrifying threat, a contrast to their peaceful existence. The burden is now upon her shoulders to make an important pilgrimage and try to find a solution that could save her people. It is a great weight to carry, but one that she shoulders bravely. Even if it means her life, Sunaya will do whatever she can. But will that be enough?

I am working to complete the 1st draft during NaNoWriMo 2019. I will be excited to see what exists by the end of November. From my brain to the page. // Update: My 1st draft was completed successfully, and is now in the editing phase! Writing the second book in this duology will be my next project for November of 2020.

Follow my blog for exciting progress updates, and writing news.

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